Zombies & Monsters: 8-bit (Video)

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Zombies & Monsters: 8-bit

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Introducing Zombies & Monsters: 8-bit

Can a classic 8-bit game capture a sense of horror? We think so. Zombies & Monsters: 8-bit is a tablet friendly Flash game currently in development.

Story: A displaced prince returns to his homeland overrun with monsters to find the 4-pieces of his lost crown and re-establish his kingdom.

Game Type: Action Adventure.

Platform: Flash and Flash compatible tablets.

Release Date: Part I in early 2012.

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Zombies & Monsters: Grim Passages

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Zombies and Monsters Grim Passages GameScreen shot of Grim Passages™ a survival horror adventure that introduces the Zombies & Monsters world and rules system.

A survival horror game. You create a male or female survivor and attempt to survive and escape from an expanding domain of horrors.

  • True Survivalism
  • Personalize your traits
  • Build up abilities, skills, and techniques
  • Explore, hide, fight: in a zombie infested underworld
  • Terrifying atmosphere

Will Grim Passages be free?
A basic version of Grim Passages will be free.

When will Zombies & Monsters: Grim Passages come out?
TBA – check back for details about the Alpha release.

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Zombies & Monsters Poll

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Zombies & Monsters

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What is Zombies & Monsters?
Zombies & Monsters is a survival horror game with a rich content of horror fiction. Currently in development for tabletop, PC, and mobile.

What makes Zombies & Monsters special?
Fast paced survival horror world and RPG rules system. Anyone who enjoys horror fiction will find something to love in the Zombies & Monsters universe.

Will Zombies & Monsters cost money?
A basic version of the rules set will be free. Plus game demos, free adventures, and publications.

When will Zombies & Monsters be released?
Zombies & Monsters is TBA.

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